What To Expect From Erotic Massage In Moscow

In case you wish to visit the erotic spas where you can get happy ending, then you will have a good number of options that you can try out. It is better if you enter into the erotic spa understanding what to expect and you will be able to enjoy the massage better.

The tips on how to get erotic massage

When you visit the erotic spa, it is good when you know what to expect and the results you will get afterwards. You should take a shower before you visit the spa since it is not good to visit when you are looking dirt or you smell awful. The girls will offer better services, if they are not repulsed because of your smell or appearance.

You may try to make the small talk when you meet with your therapist for the first time. This shows that you are polite and you want to establish a good relation with her. If you cannot communicate with her, then smile. You should not try to treat these girls like the prostitutes since they do not think themselves like whores.

The girls are giving the massage and the happy ending is just one part of it. You should not touch her, you should let them do their work and touch them at the right time.

Different types of the happy endings you can have

There are different types of erotic massage like nude massage, topless, sultan with three girls, Geisha theme, four hands with two girls, role play, BDSM massage, foot fetish, soapy shower massage and lesbian show massage.

The price to pay for the massage

In Russia, the dollar is at 60 Russian Ruble. The minimum that you can pay for the erotic massage is 1700 while highest price to pay is 8K if you are getting uber deluxe package.

If you pay 1700-2k, then it is for 30 minutes session, but you do not have to expect to enjoy more than the basic. If you pay more, then you will get a longer period and you enjoy a kinkier period. Before you pay, it is good if you are clear about the happy ending to expect. You may also ask that you want to get a nude or a topless masseur if it is something important to you.

You should also be aware of what the service guarantees and let them know if you are disappointed. If you think that the price given is too high, you may try out private masseur.

Where to get the massage

The 5 spa in the city have the same price structure so you may pay the same regardless of which massage parlor you visit.

The best erotic massage parlors that you can visit in Moscow are

  • Malvina found at Selivestov
  • Koroleva Club
  • Twilight found at Smolenskaya metro station
  • Eden club
  • Vanilla Massage found at Bolshaya Molchanovka

You can start by Googling these spas and book online. You can also read the reviews from the people who got the services from these massage parlors.

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