Massage types

  1. Swedish Body Massage

The classic form of full-body massage relaxes the body, improves muscle tone and circulation, eases muscle aches and tension.

  1. Aromatherapy Massage

This light, rhythmic massage is the ultimate anti-stress massage, utilizing aromatic essential oils from pure plant and flower essence to induce relaxation of the nervous system and beautify the skin.

  1. Back, Shoulder, Neck Massage

A Swedish massage technique, concentrated on the back, shoulders and neck, to quickly relieve tensions and improve circulation.

  1. On-site Chair Massage

Invigorating upper body massage received in the seated position with a specially designed chair without disturbing or removing everyday attire. Special attention is paid to the neck, scalp, shoulders, back, lower back, arms and hands. Through pressure on specific stress release points and gentle manipulation, the body throws off tension and increases systematic circulation, leaving you feeling awake and alert.

  1. Aloe – Vera Massage
  1. Anti Cellulite Massage

As a complement to weight management + sports.

  1. Hot Stones

Smooth, flat, fragrantly oiled stones are heated and placed on strategic points on your body–even tiny ones between your toes. Nature’s power to heal is evident as the massage therapist uses both the stones and his/her hands to apply gentle massage strokes to sore muscles.

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