In-Room Massage Etiquette

If you have never got in-room massage, then know that it is supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing, but when you get it for the first time, you may be confused and stressful. If you are getting the massage in the hotel room, then you should now the massage etiquette to ease your stress.

Reach the room when it is still early

According to which hotel you are visiting, you are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes early to the appointment. When you enter in the hotel, you will get a form to fill and you will be given the tour of the facility. However, when you arrive at least 30 minutes early, you will be shown whatever is at the offer. Some hotels have the lavish sitting area and this is where you are able to enjoy the fruit, the tea water and you will listen to the soft music.


When you had filled the paperwork, you can be taken to meet other staff members. They show you the locker where you can keep your items and where to change and some facilities like steam or sauna will be found. If there is anything, which is not clear to you, then you have to ask.

Learn about the terminology to use

  • Some terms are outdated and they may be offensive to the therapist.

It is a message therapist and not the masseuse: the massage therapist has been licensed and goes through a great deal of the education with the training so that they can offer therapeutic massage. The masseuse is unlicensed and untrained person and they offer the services that you may expect in the brothel but not the spa.

A table but not the bed: in order to set the massage service away of the sex industry, the massage therapist will use a table and not a bed. When a client is told to undress and to lie down at the table, it is a clinical tone, but telling a client to lie at the bed, is something total different.

Do not smoke if you do smoke, it is better if you do not smoke before you go to the massage. This is to protect the well being of the therapist and other clients after you.

  • Turn off the phone

When you are getting a relaxing massage, then you may end up hearing alarm, calls and text massage. Putting the phone on the vibrate, it will not be enough. When there is a buzzing on the phone, you will always tense up and you will no long be able to relax thinking about who may be texting or calling you. You should turn off the phone and concentrate more on the massage you are getting.

  • You should not be the helper

When you are the table, you need to relax the entire body. When you try helping the therapist, you will be adding more work to her job and you may end up kicking and hitting her.

  • Keep better hygiene

When you go to the massage, you have to ensure that you are clean. You should have a clean skin, clean hair, clean nails and clean feet.

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