Different Types Of Sensual Massage Therapies

Massage therapy helps in bringing the two partners together by touching. The message helps in breaking the ice, to stimulate the partner, to de-stress her and to make her relax. The sensual massage may be used in fore playing and it can be put in the lovemaking and it provides the nurturing sensation which will make the lover to feel that he had been pampered.

1. Tantric massage

This is the massage that brings together different massage styles and it focuses more on the deep breathing with soft caressing at the genital regions and on the erogenous zones. The therapist will also work on the lower abdomen, hips and upper thighs. The massage is done when the client is lying at the back and not on the stomach. This is to make the genital to be accessible and the client can be naked completely.

2. Fully body massaging

There some messages which will not work on some body parts like hands, arms and scalp. The full body massage will work on the entire body and it includes all other parts which other massages will not work on. Even if the full body may not involve the breasts and the genital parts, they will be incorporated into the sensual full body massage.

3. A Swedish massage

This is the type of the massage which involves long flowing strokes with the kneading. The message uses friction to bring the blood and the heat at the surface. The massage is to be done when the patient is on the stomach and it concentrates more at the back. To achieve the sensuality, the therapist will work on the buttocks and thighs.

4. Dou and four hands massage

The message is about two people who decide to spend the time together and they give the client a full body massage. The therapist rubs the oil on the client’s body and her own. Sometime this type of the massage may lead to the body to body massage. The massage may look overwhelming since it looks as if it is two people who are massaging one another.

5. Body to body massage or Nuru

The Nuru massage starts when the therapist takes off the entire clothes. She put the oil on her body and that of the customer. The oil should not have any odor or a taste. The therapist will then start rubbing the body to that of the client. Sometime this massage may lead to the sexual intercourse.

6. Happy ending massage

The happy ending massage involves the direct stimulation of a male penis with the final goal will be ejaculating. The happy ending requires a hand job and it may reach varying lengths. When you go to get the happy ending massage at a massage parlor, then you have to ask how long the massage can take, the skill that will be involved and how many times you can ejaculate.

7. Thai massage

This is the same of the tantric massage and it involves the energy flow manipulation in the body. During the thai massage, a client lay on a futon when wearing loose clothes. A therapist will do the work on the top of the clothes or at the exposed places.

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